What if you acted like everything was Easy?

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I am not an All or nothing kind of girl!!

Not at all, I am more a balanced, I can have everything kind of girl. I never believe in sacrificing one for another and so this is the attitude I take throughout my life. I CAN have my cake and eat it too, (I never really understood that cake phrase). I put this down to self love and acceptance. I love myself so much, that I know without a doubt, that I deserve everything that my little heart desires. From marrying the man of my dreams, traveling to places I have dreamt of and now living the life I desire.  

While I was journalling this weekend, I read something in my "Five Minute Journal" and it said, What if we acted like everything was Easy? This struck me like a bolt of lightning. What if I just choose everything to be easy, what would happen then? Then everything would be easy!! It's as simple as that.

I have spent a lot of time over the last few months, "Finding my purpose". But let's be honest I knew exactly what it was for a very long time but I didn't really have the courage to create it. I was looking to others to justify it for me and give me permission to actually live it. Until I decided to walk closer with God and he revealed to me that everything he has placed in my heart is for me and no one else and it is the same for you.

Regardless of your faith or how strong it is, we cannot deny one thing. That we are all called to live a life of purpose and deep fulfilment. It's what every human on the face of the earth aspire towards, from the stone age to the present. Man's/woman's quest is to find purpose and to live a life of calling and deep fulfilment. But many of us find ourselves settling for what we are given because we don't believe that we are worthy of the life that we desire.

So we shrink away and make excuses as to why we can't have it and then we talk ourselves into why we should accept what we have and live with it. This was never the life I imagined for myself and I was always a child with a big imagination. Over time my fantasies have changed of course but 1 thing has always remained. The desire to do work that I love and to live a life that I love every single day. As I was so busy over the past few months working on this purpose and trying to figure out how I can use it everyday, I was subconsciously building the life of my dreams as I grew closer to God and his amazing word.

As I sit here on my bed at 11:05 on a Monday morning, I am super grateful and my heart is bursting with happiness as I get to type these amazing words and marvel at the life that I live now. I have loved every stage of my life, from working 9-5 and getting the experiences I have had, to not doing anything life changing while I figured out exactly what I wanted to do. But through it all self care has been integral in my life. As you know I used travel as my self care. I would award myself trips, adventures and exploration to unwind and release from a particularly stressful or busy time. This weekend was no different.

This weekend my husband and I found ourselves on our bed or on the couch for 2 days watching FIFA world cup football. Eating, laughing and just unwinding from a busy week, we seriously wanted to do nothing else. And just incase you are wondering, THIS IS OK.

You have got to love yourself enough to know, when to listen to your body, your soul and your mind. Only you would know when you need to unwind and do nothing. No one else can tell you that, but many of us fight on because that's not the way it should be. We think, "What would people think of us? That we're lazy and boring people".  Or we tell ourselves, we can't do that, we have too much to do and take care of.

But sadly, these are the ones running around like headless chickens, not being productive or getting anything real done in their lives. They are just busy for busy sake. I have found that when we take time to unwind, take care of our mind, body and soul. We become so refreshed and rejuvenated that the task that we take up after that time is done more efficiently and effectively. We become better people, more relaxed, happier and much more able to handle difficult situations by not getting wound up and stressed. 

We think more clearer and find solutions much easier and most of all we become more happier and grateful people in our everyday lives. We get to touch more lives with our own lights, that was once dimming. We get to make the impact we always desired.

Balance is key and nothing gets done without action. Us Caribbean people can take relaxation to a whole other level, I agree. Compared to the British and the Americans we know how to take care of ourselves, sometimes a little too much. But as I said balance is key and only you are able to judge just how much of it that you need.

Listen to your inner self and take care of YOU. Love yourself enough to make this a priority whenever you need it and never be ashamed or afraid to the things you are feeling called to do. Including lazing around all weekend, so that you can be the best version of YOU in the week ahead. 

As always join me live on my FB page Zanurtravel, to discuss this blog post further at 4pm BST today. Meanwhile ask yourself the question, "What if you acted like everything was easy?" How would that change your life?

Remember You are Amazing and You deserve an Amazing life. 

Lots of love always,


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