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This is my new book title, like Eat, Pray and Love lol. No, I'm kidding, I write a blog posts every week because I actually like to write and share information. I love to motivate, support and inspire and although it may seem a bit useless in our recent times because people appear to be reading less and spending more time watching videos. I still love to share some golden nuggets every single week, straight into your inbox or weekly internet search.

Today I wanted to share my 3 framework to having a happy and successful life.

I have discovered that I am very good in creating Goals for my life and then ensuring that I achieve them. Of course some takes longer than others to materialise but I never doubt or waver that they will and so I get up everyday and I take action.

What kills me the most is 1 of 2 things:

1. When I see people having a huge and massive dream. Then they kind of take advantage of the people in their life while they selfishly pursue that dream. With no regard for anyone who gets hurt while they go after this dream relentlessly.

2. Then it's the people who have a dream and don't even try to create it or make it a reality. They just kinda sweep it under the rug and decide it's not worth pursuing because it will never happen or be true.

Both these scenarios are really sad because I truly believe that everything should be about balance. We need to be able to work on our dreams, while we live a good life, be happy, blessed and helping others. That's the ultimate goal of life, if you ask me. To have balance and happiness.

But creating goals and achieving them is not so easy for most people and I understand that. There are mindset blocks in your Life, that includes limiting beliefs that can hold them back. Some of which will take time to clear and release and effort to create new and empowering ones. 

You have to be able to build your courage to step out of your comfort zone and sometimes just having someone supporting, encouraging and cheering you is all that you need. Someone to hold you accountable to keep pushing and taking action everyday.

That's why I work so much on my Faith, because without faith and the unfailing beliefs that I have, my success would not be possible. When I achieve a goal I already know it is going to happen. It may not happen now or next week, but I KNOW it will and this only comes with faith as solid as a rock. Faith in yourself and in GOD, because he said there is nothing he cannot do and there is nothing that he would not give to YOU.

Then of course there is Travel. The one thing that allows you to live in the now and step out of your routine and everyday life. There are so many amazing benefits of traveling but what we don't realise is that we can use travel as a tool for our success in life. For a very long time, I would use travel as a reward in my life. I would plan amazing trips to drive my actions and success. I remembered when I was University and I had big exams, I would image celebrating with an amazing adventurous trip. I still take this mindset with me in my adult life. I would set my goals and imagine celebrating these achievements with experiences like no other. Traveling to Greek, Israel or India. Wherever my heart leads and indeed I do succeed and I do have my amazing trips. But it's not only about overseas and International trips. I travel locally as well, exploring neighbouring cities and town. Having a day or evening in a Spa or hiking a new trail in my area. Travel helps us to balance our lives. We get to step back, have fun and truly live in the NOW when we travel. It doesn't have to be hard or difficult, you just have to want it enough and you will achieve it.

Creating this life of your dreams is possible. You can live the life that you desire and create the lifestyle that you long for. Using my unique combination of Life coaching, Faith and Travel it is possible. You get the support, the encouragement, the framework and you get to remain accountable to making it happen. So many times we think we can do things on our own but then we get nowhere, get discouraged and stop trying. When that is exactly what we SHOULD NOT be doing. We should be forging on, enjoying the journey as much as the end results and ensuring that our life is everything we want it to be and more. Living our purpose and calling while being happy, fulfilled and blessed.

Blessed week loves.




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