It’s month 6 in the year 2018 ALREADY!! To say the months are flying away is an understatement. I feel like it was just Januray, 2018 and we were setting out goals and plans for the year and thinking of our word for the year. Yes I know!

Mine was and still is Transformational.

Have yours changed or is it still the same?

In honour of the ending of the first half of 2018, I wanted to start this month off by introducing my 5 day WAKE UP CHALLENGE over in the fb group. 

But before we begin, I wanted to touch a bit on fear, fear of letting go and living the life of your dreams.

This is huge because to be honest this is the stage where I am right now. I know there are things I need to do but I am STILL allowing fear to hold me back and speak me out of it. I realise when I do this I am not only doubting myself but I’m also doubting God and his words over my life. 

I am allowing fear to rule my life and my actions and this is not helping in anyway.

You see, I was recently sent an email to take part in some form of project but it involves being on camera maybe infront of thousands of people and I keep telling myself I am not ready. But is it that I am ready but really AFRIAD?

I know the answer to that! 

My ego is still there, it’s still ruling my life although I read God’s words everyday and speaks about courage and trusting in God.

It’s a really tough one and to be honest it holds so many of us women back it’s unbelievable but until we can get to that point where we allow our true selves, the one God had created within us to take centre stage and get rid of the ‘what ifs’ in our minds then this is where we will remain.

I’m speaking to myself here as well. Not only do I need to DEICDE to do whatever it takes to live the life that God has called me to do and live my purpose. I also need to take the actions every single day. Scary or not but they would mostly be scary, I understand this. That’s why my work now is about becoming a different person. One who is who more courageous, more confident and more fearless. 

What are you choosing today lovely?

Are you with me, in becoming a new YOU?

If so then join me for the 5 day challenge this week, FREE happening in the fb group, starting today.

Mindset is everything and this week, thats exactly what we will be working on. Join the FB community here. 

Don’t miss out!! 


Blessings and love,