How to use Travel to create your happy life


1 year ago I was working a job from 7-3 everyday. It was a great job and I felt really blessed but in all honesty I was just marking time. Showing up everyday, enjoying it yes but then going home and wondering what I had accomplished that day. Nothing much to be honest but another day down. We were living in Cyprus at the time and so I was living for the weekends to go exploring around the island. Getting out of the house, getting into the culture and meeting new people.


Hubby was always working so I had to keep myself busy, with no family around, I just kinda did things that made me happy. Lazing in my outdoor inflatable pool in the evenings, watching tv, reading, just keeping busy.


But I wasn’t doing what I really wanted to do because I was seriously scared. I knew I wanted to be working for myself, to do work that lit me up everyday and to do work where I was making a difference.


But who was I fooling? I’m wasn’t THAT smart, I didn’t have the skills or knowledge, I didn’t know the right people. Who was I to go against the grain,  I wasn’t strong enough to make it out on my own, atleast that’s what I thought.


Then one day the calling was too much, it was overbearing, it started to feel like a physical pain. The distractions I was using were no longer working anymore. I needed to do something or slowly die inside. 


I started brainstorming, I loved to travel, infact I was able to travel very often. From international travels to India to leisure travel to the nearest town for sightseeing. I knew many women wanted help with this but could never find the time, the finances or always seemed to have other commitments in the way of making it happen.


Then I knew that I was great at making things easy, it was how I lived my life. Nothing was difficult, it was all done to make me happy and I knew other women didn’t find it so easy. Infact, I saw women who deliberately made their life’s more difficult. I wondered if this was done subconsciously . I realised it had a lot to do with the value you placed on yourself and your life. If you love yourself and value your whole well being, then you will choose to make things easy. You will choose to put yourself first and then allow everything else to fall into place which it usually does if that’s what you want to achieve.



I was driven by happiness, I wanted to be happy all the days of my life. Even during times of trials and struggles, I wanted to remember why I was persevering because it was what I needed to do to get to the other side. 


I believe in a way, that’s what all of us women desire. We want to be happy, we want our family and friends to be happy and we want to do work everyday that lights us up. We want our life’s to be marked by meaning and purpose. 


To me the solution seemed simple, use travel. Allow travel to help you to live the life you have always desired. To find purpose and calling and most of all to be happy.


How exactly does travel do that?


Travel helps you to step out of your comfort zones.

Travel allows you to step out of your everyday life and be submerged into something new.

Travel helps you build better communication skills with others. Helps you to understand someone else’s life and point of view.

Travel improves your life coping skills, helps you to handle tough and difficult situations.

Travel helps you to relax and just be happy and blessed.

Being in a new environment helps you to step back and take a 3rd eye view of your life, where you are going and the things you need to change.


As you travel far or near, take part in leisure travel, staycations or international trips, you soon realise that you start to see the world in a whole new light. You are no longer in your own bubble, seeing the world through rose coloured or even dark coloured glasses. You see the world and your life for what it is and you now have the courage and strength to make the changes that you desire for yourself.


If you desire to live a life of meaning, of purpose and fulfilment, to be truly happy and grateful for each day that you get to do the things that make you happy. I suggest you start by discovering your life’s purpose and start to create the life you always desired. This is not meant for the select few love, this was meant for us all. Learn to love yourself with such unconditional love that nothing is too good for you to acquire and achieve for yourself.

This is how I help you. We work on you and help you achieve a better life for yourself and those you love.


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