How can I be of service to you today?


Today I went swimming in my local gym’s pool. I realised that since I moved to the UK I hadn’t looked into the gym nearby as I’m not much of a gym fan and the area around here is so beautiful for walking and strolls. So why waste time inside of a building with boring equipment!

So my friend and I went for an early morning swim in the pool. While taking my leisurely laps to and from and when I say leisurely I mean a few strokes and rest because I am not a strong swimmer, plus I’m an asthmatic. But I love doing activities like these to exercise my lungs.

I got thinking as always. This time it was here I am on  Monday morning and with no cares in the world except asking God, “How could I be of service today to my community and women who need my help?”

I am so fortunate that to date that is my only worry and prayer each day. Father show me how to do more, be more, help more.

What would you have me do today to make someone’s else’s’ life better?

And as usual he always speaks to me and encourages me just to share.

Share my experience, share the things that I am learning, share what I am currently being and doing.

So I am doing just that.

It’s a week and a few days before the end of July and my aim is to help 2 amazing women with my 6 weeks coaching packages.

My goal in this program is to help you move from a place of being stuck in your life, a bit unhappy and a bit lost and afraid to being a confident, happy woman who is fulfilled in her life’s purpose everyday.

I want to help you have a life of ease and complete balance with goals that you are working towards each and everyday.

I want to help you get your life in perspective right now, not tomorrow or next week.

I want you to set a goal for your life, where you want to be, where you want to be going and start taking action step[s towards it everyday.

I want you to incorporate more travels into your schedules. Make time for you and your family and not feel guilty for wanting to do and be that person who takes time for self care and love.

If you are reading this and thinking yes, yes and yes. I want that.

I want to make more money, I want to save more, I want to do more things with my life that has meaning and purpose, then this program is for you.

Click here to schedule a call with me this week and let’s see if we can make a killer team together lovely.

Lots of love always, 


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