The goal of life is NOT to live the perfect life

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Yes, you heard that right lovely.

You ARE NOT meant to be living the perfect life. YOU ARE meant to live a fulfilled life.

Many times we get so caught up in the perfect lifestyle, the perfect relationship, the perfect job, perfect kids and the perfect life. But sadly that's never possible and even those women who seem to be living the "perfect" life aren't.

Everything you want to achieve in your life is possible through Faith and the things that you believe in. So yes we can argue, if you desire to have a perfect life then you can but to be honest this is all about perspective.

Nothing is ever perfect but everything is what YOU make it.

I must say I have never been a perfectionist. I always believe that done is better than perfect. Which is a great thing according to me but If you ask my husband I'm sure he will tell you otherwise.

Because he is one of those people who believes that when you do something, you should do it perfectly or don't bother at all!!

But I honestly think that when you have that mindset you stop yourself from doing so many things BECAUSE you know it will never be perfect. Then you remain stuck and unmoving and not going anywhere because you cannot get it perfect.

That's a very dangerous attitude to have and this is what keeps many people stuck and unmoving in their lives. 

God doesn't desire a perfect life, he just desires you to be faithful, trust and believe in him. Then and only then can you live the life he has called you to live.

So put aside the desire to have the perfect life and start to believe and trust that you can and will have a fulfilled life. Living with purpose, happiness and contentment knowing that you are living the life that you were called to live.

Stop worrying about things not working out the way you WANT it to and trust that you are taking actions everyday and the God of immeasurable and abundance love and gifts would give to you your hearts desires.

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