Life, happiness, fulfilment and purpose.


I know when we look around it seems like everyone is a life coach, helping women to live their best lives. But what does that really mean?

For me, my best life is the life I am living now. One filled with purpose, fulfilment and above all else happiness.

My purpose and calling in life is to help women to discover and live the exact same way.

I feel called every single day, even when it seems like no one is listening, even when it seems like everyone is saying the same thing. I feel called to show up as me and give the help that only I can give.

Through  my own personal experiences and knowledge, to pass on all the things that I am learning and practicing everyday to make my life better and more fulfilled.

That’s why starting today for the next 3 days I would be hosting a live stream on my Facebook page Zanurtravel.

I would be speaking about the following:

Day 1:  How to find your life’s purpose.

Day 2: How self love plays an important role in building your dream life.

Day 3: How to use travel to create happiness and fulfilment in your life.

As you know traveling is a huge part of who I am and I do not only mean International, go on a plane travel. I also mean leisure travel and simply getting out and exploring. 

Coming from a small Caribbean island, I believe that travel opened my eyes to a lot of things and shaped the desire to pursue the life that I now live and this is why I feel so strongly to encourage women to travel more and use travel to create the life that they strongly desire and crave.

Now, I could just call myself a life coach and just help women find their purpose and practice self love but I had to include travel. As I know many women still find it difficult to step out of their comfort zones, try new things and most of all reward themselves for their hard work, by taking personal time with themselves and spending time with the ones they love. Balance is so very important in life and I truly believe that without it we would be really and truly be  stuck.

Therefore, starting today we will delve into these 3 aspects and how they can help YOU to create the life that you love. Filled with happiness, fulfilment and self love.

Starting today 3pm BST on my facebook page, click here to join me live. See you soon. 

Remember you are amazing and you deserve to have an amazing life.


P.S. I have just opened the doors to my 6 week Travel and Life coaching program. To help you to create to find and live your life’s purpose, practice self love and travel more to find happiness and create the life that you desire. 

To find out more, let’s schedule a call and see if how this program can help you and if you are a great fit.


Love and blessings,