How you can create more abundance, happiness and fulfilment in your life.


Everyday I wake up I ask myself the same things “how can I create more abundance, happiness and fulfilment in my life?”

Am I greedy to always want more?

I don’t think so because I feel like I deserve to have more.

I want to be able to be an energetic match for the things that I am available for.

These are my goals and my desires and because I have already worked through that whole feeling of

 “Who do I think I am to deserve all of this happiness, abundance and feelings of fulfilment?”

I now know that whatever I desire for my life is attainable to me once I believe it to be true in my heart and set my mind and thoughts on this goal.

Truthfully it is that easy AND YET not so easy!

What are you making yourself available for in your life?

Are you waking up expecting bad news, a sad and boring day, going through motions and routine or are you waking up with an optimistic, positive mindset.

“today is the day I receive more”

“Today I am only available for good things to happen for me”

What are the beliefs and thoughts that you are holding on to everyday?

For me as I get up I read my bible and then I meditate and journal on the good things that I am expecting today.

Journal prompt- What would make today great for me?

3 things that would make today great

write those down, hold them in your heart, feel them reflect on them and then expect them to happen.

This world was created by God to operate on faith and believe. The bible speaks about this so much it is unbelievable. Righteousness is defined as your faith and belief in God, simple as that.

So what are you believing for yourself today?

There are still days that comes around and I feel stuck, yes I am human just like everyone else and the actions I took yesterday did not get the desired results. Most people would give up, try something new but not me. Because I believe in my purpose and I believe in my message. 

You know when you have a message that must be shared and is your calling that even when the desired results are not manifesting themselves you keep pushing because your faith is that BIG.

That’s the life I live and have always desired to live, a life of purpose and fulfilment. This is why I treasure balance so much in my life. That when the road starts to narrows and I’m not seeing the silver lining, I can take a step back and enjoy time away with my family and friends. A day out sightseeing, shopping, exploring and while I’m in those moments, I don’t ever think about work and the things I need to get done. 

I am in that moment right there, enjoying, laughing, relaxing and being!

So many times we decide to take sometime for us and let go and then it becomes something else entirely in our minds. We are there physically but not mentally or emotionally. We are unavailable to ourselves, our families and our loved ones.

Self care, self love and self appreciation drives these actions. 

How much do you treasure your emotional and mental health?

How much do you enjoy having a relaxed and happy life?

Is that one of your major values and drivers?

If not, why?

These are just a few questions that I ask myself and share with my clients.

Great for self reflection and then TAKE action.

So the answer is simple, to have a more happier, abundant and fulfilled life, we must make ourselves available for this and nothing less.

We must set these intentions each and every single day and always take actions in that direction even when other things come in our way.

Believe it is possible for you, believe that you deserve the things you desire and more and do whatever it takes to make it happen everyday.

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