How to stay happy and positive everyday even when your life feels anything BUT that.


Ofcourse life is never a smooth ride, there are always ups and downs, to and fros, happiness and sadness. But unfortunately, for many people it may seem like they are always in the latter!

Downs, fros and sadness and honestly it breaks my heart when I see women’s lives being constantly bombarded by negativity. Seemingly depressed and unhappy with no way out of this deep dark suction that they seem to exist in.

Life is beautiful and wonderful, to be enjoyed and treasured, to be lived with purpose and happiness.That’s why when I saw the news this morning about the rise in young women self harming, almost brought me to tears. 

Youth is the time to have fun, enjoy friends and family and seriously live your life without stress and adult responsibilities. Carefree and happy is the description of youth, so why the self harm and sadness?

There is always a better way to live your life but first we must be willing to look beyond what is in front of us and start looking to the future which can always be better IF you choose to make it that way. Here are my top 5 ways to stay happy and positive everyday even when your life feels anything BUT that:

1.    Believe in your worth- Having experienced my own issues during my teenage years I know it can be a time of roller coaster feelings and inferiority complexes but unfortunately many of us never grow out of these feelings. But I’m extremely grateful for a mother who always reminded me of who I was. She would always say little sayings that at the time drove me up a wall but the interesting thing is, they have stuck with me throughout my life even to this day. When other people tried to pull me down and make me doubt myself, I would always hear my mom’s voice.

“You are special, you are more than you think you are” “you are a leader never the follower”. “You are loved and treasured”.

These words are so important for people to hear and I want to advice you that saying them to yourself is just as effective as hearing it from others. The most important thing is BELIEVING it to be true and walking in that truth. So even when I was tempted to do bad things, disobey my parents and follow friends, I would always remember these things, feel them and make a better decision most times.

2.    Put healthy practices and habits in place- Have healthy and positive routines in place that you can turn to when you feel down. This is all about changing your habits from destructive ones to constructive ones. Instead of running to food to feel good when you feel down, start journaling and writing down those feelings. Instead of turning to alcohol, that glass of wine to take the edge off, why not read a positive book and take a short nap?  Having habits like reading, visualising, journaling, watching positive shows and programs, hanging out with positive friends and family are just some habits and practices that can help you to remain happy and positive in your life. When you have something good to run too you can definitely build yourself up and reset your mind when negativity and stress comes your way.

3.    Stay connected to positive people who would build you up- You are who you surround yourself with, we hear this all the time but how many of us really pay attention to this and choose our friends and companions accordingly? I know there are some people who choose friends so that they can feel superior and feel better than others but this is not only unhealthy, it’s also very sad. There is no opportunity for growth of the individual there and they can never get better. We are supposed to be the average of our circle of friends, for this particular reason! If you are feeling down and out and your friends are the same, how are you going to feel or be any better? This is not going to happen until you decide to push yourself, find help and stay connected to this positivity.

4.    Take time for yourself to do the things you love to do- Yes I hear you screaming, “but I have 3 kids!! How am I supposed to do that?” I hear you darling, but I promise you even if you start by just 10 mins in the bathroom everyday you will fee the difference. When I was growing up in the Caribbean I had 2 younger sisters who never left me alone. I would run to the bathroom and spend as long as I could in there everyday in my own thoughts, usually fantasising about my future husband and amazing life. I remember those days and still do it sometimes even now. Making time to do the things that you love can bring such happiness and positivity in your life, it’s unbelievable. Don’t just do things that your husband, kids and friends want to do, yes we can compromise sometimes but fight to do the things that makes you happy. Read your favourite book, take a day to the spa, get your nails and hair done once per week. These are things that you look forward to enjoying when things aren’t feeling that rosey but just know that this time right now is just for you and you can totally enjoy it, without guilt and worry because you deserve it!

5.    Have a heart of gratitude- I cannot say this enough. When you are grateful for the small things in your life, negativity can never stick around. Being thankful changes everything! It allows you to focus on the positive and not the negative. It opens your eyes to your blessings not your lack. You realise how very fortunate you are to have so much when some people have so little. Gratitude is huge in my life because it makes such a difference. When I feel down and sorry for myself, I think about the things I’m grateful for in my life. I also make a habit of writing these things down everyday to remind me also. I make a list of 3 things every morning that I am grateful for, without fail and I also try to think of different things everyday instead of the same old. It’s easy to be sucked under the darkness and the sadness of everyday life. The news, other people’s life and complaining but stepping back and having a heart of gratitude changes everything.


If you put these 5 things in place without fail I promise, you will live the most happy and positive life imaginable. If you think you need more support to make this possible, my Be Happy and Positive E-course would be the perfect support to help you start implementing and making this life possible for yourself. Click here to purchase the course and start improving your life today. 

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