How I used Travel to become more Confident and Empowered in my life's decisions.


Throughout my teenage years and early twenties I often felt a bit confused, lost and indecisive about life. I never knew exactly what I wanted, I didn’t feel called to do anything specific really at all.

I thought about my passions and the things that lit me up but I couldn't see those things being possible in my life because people who are from where I was from just didn’t do things like that.

I remember apply to university because I felt that’s what I should be doing at my age. I was pretty good at learning things which I found I did very quickly with not much of an effort. So I thought that’s what I should do but then I didn’t know what I wanted to study. What profession I wanted to become.

I didn’t feel called to be an accountant, an architect, a marketer or any of those things. If I was going to study for 3 years I wanted to do something fun and exciting that lit me up inside.

I had loved psychology from college but it seemed like a boring profession to me, so after I started working at a travel agency totally by chance, as it was 1 of the multiple applications I sent out after completing college. I thought maybe I’d do something in Tourism and Travel as that seemed pretty fun.

So that decision was made then and there because that seemed like the most interesting and fun subject I could possible study at university.

Fast forward 3 years after that, completing my studies with 1st class Honours because, hey I did actually enjoy it. I STILL didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life!!  I was still pretty much confused about the direction I was going or what I was going to do still.

The only thing I saw for my life was to get a job in the Ministry of tourism, working for the government of my country and just monotonously go through life like that.

Might I add, I also did a 2 months internship at said ministry and it was sad to say the least. Nothings was being done, it was super unproductive just like most government ministries and I honestly was dreading having to work there, stagnant for the rest of my life.

But as God would have it, I didn’t get to work there. I got a job offer at a telecommunications company immediately after graduation. I took the job because it was better than having none and that is how I met my husband and I am now where I am today.

Somewhere completely different, than I would have ever imagined for myself. This life I have now would have never ever crossed my mind to be real or to have existed back then.

But it just goes to show how believing in more, not wanting to settle for less and trusting that things would always work out for the best for me, have done for my life.

Another thing that greatly influenced my life and caused me to find myself, help me to enjoy life, that has empowered me and made me stronger, was my love for traveling. Throughout this entire time and before 1 thing had remained frequent and steady in my life, it was travel. Every chance I got I found a way to visit new places, explore, step out of my comfort zone and truly see the world in all the different ways that was possible.

I took advantage of every chance I got and believe me it made me who I am today.

So ladies, this story is a reminder to you, if you are feeling lost, indecisive, confused about your life and it’s direction. Travel is one of those things that brings allot of things in life into perspective. It gives you a clearer view, without all the prejudices that makes up the society that you live in. You get to meet interesting and amazing people, who live in a world that’s different than yours and who sees the world as a completely different place. Traveling gives you the confident and the courage to step up and say yes to the things that light your heart up inside and it empowers you to step over your fears and live your life on your terms and in your own way.

This is 1 way that I can help you to do the same. You are never alone, you can do and be exactly who you wish to be in your life. Just trust and believe it can happen, then start taking action and it will.

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