Using self belief to help you to DO and BE more


After diving deeper into my own mindset growth and development. After reading and learning as much as I can about myself and what is really holding me back from doing the things that I desire in my life. I felt in my heart and spirit that it has a lot to do with my own self belief and self confidence.

I must say I am a VERY confident woman, but I am confident in the things that I know, just like everyone else. But when I am learning something new or venturing into an unknown I have the same thoughts and feelings of everyone else.

The number 1 feeling that is there for self preservation in life- FEAR.

Fear is not always bad, don’t ever feel like it’s a bad thing as we were given that feeling to help us and protect us from danger and it allows us to stay ‘safe’. But due to our own conditioning we allow fear to work against us by holding us back from being better and greater in this life.

Sometimes due to society and outside influences which we are all susceptible too, we develop irrational fears. Such as fear of flying, fear of failing, fear of looking bad, fear of feeling like a loser and not a winner.

I say these are irrational fears because inevitably we will always have these feelings so why do we try so hard to avoid them or we put such huge emphasis on the fact that we DO NOT want to experience these feelings?

This whole argument has made me realise how much I myself must develop courage and confidence to face my fears and start believing in myself for the things I want to achieve in my life.

Then because of my own journey, I felt led to share with you the exact same things that I have been learning and experiencing.

So starting Wednesday 19th September for 3 days I would be hosting a FREE live training on


It’s one of those things that is easier said than done.

We are always faced with doubts, fears and insecurities but our job is not avoid these feelings but to face them head on and BELIEVE in our ability to be successful and succeed anyway.

So my desire for my life is to build something I am proud of. To share the GREAT news of God’s unconditional love with everyone I meet and to help other women to have the life that they deserve, which is an AMAZING one.

We all deserve to be happy, to have a balance lifestyle, to travel more, to feel fulfilment and purpose every single day. That is happiness to me.

I want to help you to realise how much you are worth it, like the LOREAL advertisement says- You are worth it. But I want to also help you to realise what exactly you are worth and how exactly you can achieve that worth.

So during this 3 day Training, I would be covering 3 topics:

  1. The Confidence Mindset

  2. How Travel can serve you more.

  3. The #1 thing that you need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

To be apart of this training, click this link to sign up for FREE.

I truly believe that everyone woman should be hearing the things I am about to share with you in this exciting new training.

Not only are you going to leave with a new confident mindset but also the belief that NOTHING in life is impossible to achieve.

Sometimes we need these reminders of the strength and the power that we possess and then we need to courage to use that power every single day.

You won’t want to miss it!!

I’d love for you to do me a favour please, lovely.

Please share the sign up link below with as many friends and family that you can. Consider it your act of love and kindness to share this with other women who would be empowered and enlightened to go out and live their best life as well.

Sign up link for the FREE 3 day Believe in Yourself Training.

See you on Wednesday 4PM BST.

Blessings and love always,


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