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7-Day Truly Zanur Package

1-Day Selected Tour Package

7-Day Truly Zanur Package Details:


This authentic tour is designed with the solo female traveller in mind. It allows you to see all the amazing sites and have the ultimate local experience on the island. With a local female buddy as well as homestay included, you will be sure to become a true Vincentian for the short time you live the Caribbean lifestyle with us.



Day 1: Pick up by buddy at airport or place of accommodation. Walking tour of a village and surrounding areas.

Day 2: Church service with buddy (optional), traditional Sunday lunch at home

Day 3: Visit to Kingstown by bus and surrounding areas, workshop with resistance heartbeat drummers

Day 4: sightseeing and beach hopping on the Windward side of the island (use a local driver?)

Day 5: Sightseeing and beach hopping on the Leeward side of the island (use a local driver?)

Day 6: Free day /cooking class optional and Night out with buddy

Day 7: Day Trip to the biggest Grenadine island of Bequia

Packages are extremely flexible and can be changed on request.


*7 Days Truly Zanur Package

  • Complete Package - $700

1-Day Tour Package Details:


Don’t have enough time to spend with us? Our 1 day tours are designed for cruise passengers as well as sailors who have a limited amount of time on our beautiful shores. Choose from our range of 1-day tours and experience a selection of what St. Vincent and the Grenadines has to offer.



Choose from one of four tours:

  • Waterfalls on the island
  • Volcanic and Nature trail
  • Beaches
  • Our island-hop tour around the smaller Grenadines islands

Each of these tours are full of experiences packed into a single day!


*1 Day Tours to different sites on the island:

  • Falls of Beleine - $150
  • Trinity Falls - $80
  • Dark View Falls - $80
  • Volcano and Nature trail - $80
  • Windward and Leeward beaches - $75

*Specially designed 1 day tour - $95 enquire for more information can be tailored to your needs.

*Kingstown walking tours -$20

*Sailing and trips to the Grenadines islands – Please enquire for price based on Itinerary

Short classes:

  • *Drumming class - $50
  • *Vincentian cooking class - $50