Travel Lifestyle Group Program


Are you working 50-60 hours per week?
Are you surrounded by people who laugh at you when you talk about taking a vacation?
Do you desperately want to travel more but you really think it’s impossible?

Feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed?

But I want you to know, It is totally possible for YOU. 

  • You can travel first class to your dream destinations.
  • Have a 10-course meal at the most exclusive restaurant in Paris with the one you love.
  • You can totally reclaim your feminity that you lost trying to build your career in that very testosterone driven environment.

You needed to be tough to be successful but now its time to claim that feminine part of you long forgotten. Truly let your hair down and have some much needed time, living the life of your dreams and exploring through traveling.

Trust me I have been there, I remember feeling like I had it all, a wonderful job and an amazing husband but I still longed for more. Then I started traveling and then I couldn’t wait for the weekends to get out exploring and being adventurous and having amazing experiences. I felt much more well rounded, much happier and my life felt totally balanced. 




 Transformational Travel Lifestyle 6 week Group Coaching Program


This is a group program designed to help you to get motivated to create a travel lifestyle for yourself one trip at a time. Make your travel dreams a possibility for yourself.

You will learn to plan amazing trips, create a budget and stick to it and most importantly get on that plane and have the most memorable experiences of your life.

You will understand the real benefits of traveling and experience the work/life balance that you need with more adventure and fulfillment in your life.

In this program, we work on YOUR mindset more than anything else. The belief in yourself that travel is possible for you right now not in the next 5 years. The travel industry is changing rapidly and it is becoming so much more affordable and easy to travel to an amazing destination that you did not know was possible for you.

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Together we will work on:


  •    Crafting your travel desires and dreams
  •    Create a new self-image, learn to love yourself and welcome the balance in your life for true happiness
  •   Get YOU inspired and motivated to travel more
  •   Create the freedom in your life by choosing to design a life that you love.
  •   Develop the confidence that you need to start planning and making your travels a reality.
  •   Get over the inner fears and beliefs that are holding you back from stepping out of your  comfort zone and traveling more.
  •  Travel hacks and tips- of course, you need the practical stuff too.
  •  Create a travel budget and stick to it.
  •  Plan your trips with less stress and overwhelm.
  •  Really working on the goals you want to achieve from your trips and how you can use the benefits to impact all the other areas of your life.


Program breakdown:

Week 1.    Get set to achieve your travel goals-
Start your engine, take stock of yourself and set your travel goals & begin the work!
Unleash your travel vision and your travel plans to achieve it starting now.
Using worksheets and exercises, to help you set your travel goals to get you energized.


Week 2.    Boost your power and clear the decks-
Build your new self-image-who do you need to become to make the step to travel more?identify your strengths and work with what you have already. Start believing in yourself, you have everything you need right now to start building the life you desire.

Week 3.    Get motivated now- Be inspired, believe in yourself, you are already equipped but you need to believe that you are able to do the things you desire which is stepping out of your comfort zone and traveling more. Build your courage and get over the fears, doubts, and insecurities holding you back from going after your dreams.

Week 4.    Create new successful habits- Start putting real steps in place to change your perception of your life and create the life you really desire. We are going to implement new habits to help you to create your travel lifestyle.
                                                 5 days activities to do every day.


Week 5.    Create your new lifestyle- implementing your goals, habits and a plan to move forward with your new travel lifestyle. Travel hacks, planning and budgeting tips, how to travel more.


Bonus: week 6
Program wrap up, travel information and building your dream lifestyle.


Who am I?

Who am I?

My name is Zanny Byron-Davis and I am a Travel Lifestyle Coach and Tour Operator on the beautiful Caribbean island St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I have always had a deep passion for travel and I wanted to encourage women to travel more because I know what travel has done for me personally. I have traveled to over 26 countries and counting lived in over 4 different countries. Where I worked full time, took care of my amazing husband and our home and traveled. My desire and calling to support women to have a happy and enjoyable life that is so important for your overall well being and quality of life drove me to leave my 9-5 job and create a service where I can work with women like you One on One to help you to travel more and create the true lifestyle that you desire for yourself and your family. I am a Christian and I trusted God to use me to help others to live the life he wants for us all. To be fulfilled, full of joy and live the dreams and passion he has instilled in us already. Are you ready to create the freedom you desire more than anything else and the true happiness that you crave for your life every single day?


Women have worked with me:

Melissa Gross-

Honestly, it’s just plain inspiring to chat with Zanny!

Zanny’s happy and positive outlook and her enthusiasm for using travel to create the life we desire is infectious! While I am an experienced traveler, visiting with Zanny one-on-one has inspired me to leave more room for spontaneity on our next travel adventure. She also shared some very helpful tips and ideas as I’m planning and scheduling a trip overseas. Honestly, it’s just plain inspiring to chat with Zanny!

Sue Mona Moses-

“As a single lady, a budding entrepreneur and one who desires to discover the beauty of God's creation through traveling. Zanny has encompassed a holistic approach to travel and what it takes to realize my goals. It is no longer about me focusing on what I don't have or what I wasn't able to do but more of having a positive mindset which will get me through each day's challenges and overcoming any fears I may have had in the past. The weekly/daily emails, messages and post on the website are very timely and most times I can relate to her experiences and welcomes all her advice as she addresses her past and present experiences on traveling. Also the hurdles she overcame which allowed her to begin her life long dream. She is very passionate about traveling and I always visualize her speaking as I read her posts.  If you have a personal goal, desires to do more traveling or simply seeking to get the best out of your life, follow and sign up with Zanur Travels, the travel and lifestyle coach who goes above and beyond.”



Frequently Asked Questions:

1.    What do I get from this program?
You get motivated to travel more and be confident that you can do it with less stress, overwhelm and hassle.
You get practical tips and advice as well encouragement to make this lifestyle a priority in order to have a stable life and improve your mental health and all-around happiness. Also if you work better with a group of like-minded women, who are all aiming to achieve the same thing, then this program is definitely for you.


2.    How do I know this program would work for me?
If you are determined to make the necessary changes in your life for your happiness and enjoyment, it will work for you. You put in the work to make this a reality for yourself and I would be there every step of the way to help you create the lifestyle you truly want. Ask yourself on a scale 1-10 how much do you really desire to travel more and be happy and fulfilled in your life? If it’s a 7 and up, then this program is for you!


3.    I don’t have the money to invest in the program.
I understand that you do not have money put aside for coaching programs but sometimes we want something for all of our lives and it just keeps on being a want and never a reality. If you really desire to make your travels a reality and you know you definitely cannot do it on your own or you cannot do it as efficiently and within a reasonable budget then you need to decide if this is an investment that would pay for you in the long run. Happiness has always been important to me and anything that would improve my life in this aspect is totally worth it for me.


4.    I don’t have the time to complete this program in 6 weeks.
It’s definitely not my place to tell you how to spend your time and how to use it wisely but I want to let you know, that if this is important to you then you will find the time for it. You are longing for this lifestyle, you have been trying and wasting time wishing and wanting but it is just not happening. Your travel dreams are being put on the back burner while life runs you over and one day you wake up and wonder what happened to you. Don’t let this be you.
Also, the program is 6 weeks but all of the videos and the content will be available to you after the course has ended. You can then revisit the material at any time and reach out to me via email for additional support for the remainder of the year.



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