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It's time to step out of your comfort zone and live the life of your dreams


What would you dream if you knew for certain they would come true?

Would you still dream small or would you dream HUGE!!

What's stopping you from living the life you really want to live?

Is it finances, is it mindset, is it opportunities?

What if I told you those obstacles didn’t have to stand in the way of you living your dream.

What if I told you that today is the day that you can ...


Start dreaming and living the life you really want

  • Have the freedom to live a happy and balanced life
  • Live your true purpose and live your life to the fullest
  • Create unforgetable travel experiences and travel more


Well, you can and all it takes is you stepping out of your COMFORT ZONE and deciding to live fearlessly.


Zanur Fearless Travellers membership community

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Forget scrolling social media and being jealous of other people’s life and travel.

Get daily inspiration and motivation to step out of your own head and create your First Class Life.

As a member of this travel community you get:

1.    Pre - planned trips and itineraries for particular destinations saving you time and money. Making your trips more enjoyable and less stressful and overwhelming.

2.    Inspirational and motivational posts/articles daily to get you motivated and inspired in create your first class life

3.    Journal prompts to help you to break free of fears and doubts holding you back from traveling more and creating the life of your dreams.

4.    Meditation and mantras to get you in the right mindset, to begin everyday and to create a more fearless, courageous woman in life.

5.    Worksheets- To start creating habits that would change your relationship with money and enable you to earn more.



1.    Live calls with me weekly to have coaching and guidance on planning your trips and support in creating your first class life daily.

2.    Access to My resources E-book, 2 mini courses and worksheets.

-       How to create a Happy and positive life

-       Create money to travel

3. Guest speakers and experts to help you on your travel journey.

4. Get access to my exlusive travel deals and discounts to start making you travels a reality.

Let's Do This

It's time to take action


Stop dreaming and start traveling

Hi I'm Zanny and I'm a Travel Life Coach.

I help women to travel more, create unforgettable traveling experiences so that they can have more freedom, balance and self care and most of all step out of their comfort zones to create the life of their dreams.

When you work with me, you:

1.    Create unforgettable travel experiences for yourself and your loved ones without all the stress and overwhelm.

2.    Create a life built on faith using God’s words to empower you to step out of your comfort zone and into a life without completition, soul-deep happiness, freedom and balance.

3.    Fearlessly make decisions that are in your best interest, prioritizing self-care, love, acceptance, and balance to live your first class life.

Are you ready to create your fearless travel life?

Let's Build This Community
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Doors are currently closed but something big would be coming soon.


Here's what members are already saying:

The Zanur Fearless Travellers Membership Community is filled with daily inspiration for creating our best life, along with weekly tips and live video that encourage us to use travel and take steps to craft the life of our dreams. Plus, Zanny’s enthusiasm and zest for happy living & experiential travel are contagious!


You are amazing and you deserve an amazing life

Find out how you can work a 9-5, travel more and have an amazingly happy, positive and balanced life.

Free training – When you come inside.

Get my step by step process of how I travelled to over 26 countries while working a 9-5, found my true purpose in life and continued to grow in gratitude, blessed and happy every step of the way.

And so can you.

Join The Community

Your one stop for all things travel and life inspiration everyday


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