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Believe in yourself and start taking massive Action


Hey Gorgeous,


Thanks for stopping by, I am Zanny and aside from offering authentic tours on the beautiful Caribbean island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I am also a Travel & Life Coach.


I help women to believe in themselves so that they can create the life of their dreams

Is this you?


Allowing Fear and Doubts to hold you back from the life you desire for yourself?

Wanting to create a life that includes more more Travel, a Balanced lifestyle, Happiness and fulfilment?

Need to trust and walk in FAITH knowing that you have everything you need already?


I know because 


I have been there; I know exactly how you feel. I remember longing for more, not wanting to settle for less, seeking help but not finding it, feeling lost and totally on my own. I remember wanting more information, support, a roadmap with directions on how to explore my big dreams, and the know how to go out and pursue them.


If this sounds familiar then I can help you.


Successful Transformation


After my coaching call with Zanny, I feel like the change I wanted to see instantly in my life took place already!!!

Within an hour, I realized which is the biggest issue in my life and how to overcome it!!

She has a talent of helping people finding the root of an issue and she helps realize which is the best solution for each person.... She's so inspiring that everything that seemed to be "hard working" turns into "joy for life" !!!

She helped me get out of the box.



BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND TAKE ACTION to create the life of your dreams

My signature 1:1 6 weeks Coaching program

Together we focus on:

Building your confidence and becoming empowered to create the life you really desire.

Whether it’s traveling more, having a more balance lifestyle, having purpose and happiness.

This is for the woman who is shy, a bit timid, insecure and unsure about her life and the things that she can achieve. She is tired of walking through life everyday, doing the same old, being unhappy, not truly living or feeling fulfilled.

 importanceShe wants to start to believe in herself more and start taking ACTION to create her best life.

 Its one thing to have the knowledge but a complete different thing to start applying that knowledge and start taking ACTION.


During this 6 weeks, I help you 1:1 to do what I did in my life. I wasn’t sure what I wanted by I knew something had to change. I got the help that I needed and now I am doing so much more than I ever thought possible.


Here’s the breakdown:

Week 1: We get clear on your goals and dreams. What is it that you want from your life and what do you want to achieve?

Week 2: Building the confidence mindset- Action steps to start practicing.

Week 3: Finding your super power- what are your strengths and evaluate who you can use them to create your dream life.

Week 4: Using Travel to serve you- It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and start taking everyday action

Week 5: Putting plans into action- Creating a new you, with new routines and disciple.

Week 6: The importantce of BALANCE- using my signature process to living a life of purpose and balance.

 After these 6 weeks not only are you going to be a confident woman who believes she can do anything she puts her mind too but she is going to start to put plans into action. Now its time to APPLY the knowledge in real life. This is where so many of us fail.

 We know what we need to do but we don’t have the courage to start applying and being accountable to keep at it until it works.

And much much more

The difference between a doer and a thinker is the DOER goes out and DOES

Who am I?

Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

My name is Zanny, and I am from a gorgeous Caribbean island called S. Vincent and the Grenadines. I have always had big dreams and knew I was meant for something greater, but for a long time I couldn’t quite figure out what that was. One thing I did know was that I loved to travel and was truly passionate about the Travel and Tourism Industry. In my teens, I took one “trip of a lifetime” with my local Girl Guiding Association, and it created in me a hunger to travel. So, now I find and take advantage of every opportunity that I can to travel to as many destinations as possible.


Without me even trying, travel became a major part of my lifestyle when I married and moved from the Caribbean to live firstly in Germany, then Cyrus, and now the UK. We’ve spent two to three years in each of these countries. I found jobs, many of them really good jobs, which allowed me to earn a living and do what I loved best during those times – travel! I am so grateful for those jobs, however, more and more I began to feel the need to help other women experience a similar lifestyle that includes travelling the world and experiencing life to the fullest.

I must say because of travel and all the benefits that I have enjoyed through it, I have been able to pursue dreams and goals that I never thought possible for me.

Through travel:

  • I've become a more confident and bold woman who knows what she wants and goes for it.

  • I have visited over 25 countries (and counting!) while working full-time, being happily married, and maintaining a home.

  • I have launched my dream business, doing what I love and have a passion for every day.

  • I also offer specially designed tours to my island St. Vincent and the Grenadines, you can view more HERE

This is possible for you, too. You can truly travel and design the life of your dreams as well.



Work With Me

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam, Holland

One on One weekly sessions for 6 weeks:

For 6 weeks we get on a 60 mins call where we work on the week’s activity.

Unlimited E-mail support in-between calls.


 My 2 mini E-courses

My E-Book

Travel support


To find out more about his program and to see if you are a good fit, click the link and find out more.


Believe in yourself and create the life of your dreams.

Still not sure? Read this...

Moriah Hefner- Christian life coach for military spouses- @Moriahthebrave

Moriah Hefner- Christian life coach for military spouses- @Moriahthebrave

Melissa Gross- Daily Life - Bits & Pieces with Melissa Gross

Melissa Gross- Daily Life - Bits & Pieces with Melissa Gross


Working with Zanny has been transformational for me. Her mindset work and journaling prompts have really helped me to not only envision myself traveling but to sit down and plan out 3 vacations for this coming year! I am so excited about them now when before I dreaded thinking about planning them out. I’m thankful I took the leap of faith and invested in her 12-week one-on-one Travel Coaching course. With the tools and knowledge, she has shared with me I feel confident I can continue to plan family vacations, anniversary trips, and getaways for just me with excitement and confidence.


Honestly, it’s just plain inspiring to chat with Zanny!

Zanny’s happy and positive outlook and her enthusiasm for using travel to create the life we desire is infectious! While I am an experienced traveler, visiting with Zanny one-on-one has inspired me to leave more room for spontaneity on our next travel adventure. She also shared some very helpful tips and ideas as I’m planning and scheduling a trip overseas. Honestly, it’s just plain inspiring to chat with Zanny!

Sue - Mona Moses

Sue - Mona Moses

Zanny is a Travel and Life Coach who goes beyond

As a single lady, a budding entrepreneur and one who desires to discover the beauty of God's creation through traveling. Zanur Travels has encompassed a holistic approach to travel and what it takes to realizing my goals. It is no longer about me focusing on what I don't have or what I wasn't able to do but more of having a positive mindset which will get me through each day's challenges and overcoming any fears I may have had in the past. The weekly/daily emails, messages and post on the website are very timely and most times I can relate to the editor's experience and welcomes all her advice as she addresses her past and present experiences on traveling. Also the hurdles she overcame which allowed her to begin her life long dream. She is very passionate about traveling and I always visualize her speaking as I read her posts.  I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Zanny on her recent achievements and wish her all the best in her future goals. If you have a personal goal, desires to do more traveling or simply seeking to get the best out of your life, follow and sign up with Zanur Travels, the travel and life coach who goes above and beyond.


It’s time for you to start believing in yourself and create the life that you desire and love.

Schedule a call with me below and let’s see if you are a great fit for this program.

This program is for you if...

  • You’ve decided NOW is the time to take ACTION.

  • You no longer want to live a normal lifestyle like the 98% of the population, you are ready to walk in your self worth and live your dream life.

  • You want to start traveling but need help with budgeting and prioritising.

  • You are aware that I WILL challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone.

  • You understand the journey is NOT going to be easy but it would transformational.


If this is you, then let’s get started…

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.
— Steve Jobs
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